Contact Confidentially Shaadi Direct for Proposals of your beloved ones

Shaadi Direct Marriage Bureau (For confidencial proposals in traditional way)

  • Parents are encouraged to contact us confidentially
  • Candidate can also contact us (if no guardian)
  • 1 picture must required

By filling this form you are agreed that our team member will contact you in traditional way to discuss further about marriage proposals for your beloved one.

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Shaadi Direct Marriage Bureau - How it Works?

  1. Parents / guardians (candidates) contact us for marriage proposals of their beloved ones.
  2. It is specially useful for those parents (of daughters) who dont want to show picture in the public.
  3. You must need to send us 1 picture of candidate along with your phone number, address and your profile name at shaadi-direct.
  4. We tell you matching proposals via phone / email from time to time.
  5. We dont take any charges until you get the right proposal. Once you got right proposal, we will charge you only 10,000 Rs.
  6. No success means no fee.