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Najii Shaadi Proposal

About Me
A good and honest partner ..equally in relationship ..loveable and caring

Sex Male - Man
Age 24

najii picture
Star Capricorn
Town / Street PMA Road Shahzaman Colony
City / Country Abbottabad, NWFP, Pakistan matrimonials
Residency Status Citizen
Najii's Personal and Physical Details

Status Single Complextion Fair
Have Children No Hair Color Black
Want Children Yes Hair Length Short
Height 170 cm / 5'7" Disabilities None
Weight 82 Kg / 182 Lbs / 13 St Blood Group O+
Build Athletic HIV No
Eye Color Black Glasses / Contacts None
Najii's Hobbies / Interests

Interests Health & Fitness
Hobbies Photography
Music Hip-Hop
Reads Not much Reader
Movies Action / Adventure
Sports Cricket
Cuisine Fast Food
Dress Style Casual - usually in jeans and T-shirts
Najii's Education and Career

Education Post Graduate Profession marketing
Employment Secret Income Secret
Najii's Family

Father Status Self Employed Total Sisters 2
Mother Status Housewife Sister Married 0
Total Brothers 1 Brothers Married 0
Najii's Religious & Social Background

Religion Muslim / Islam Cast No Cast
Residence Parents Sub Cast jadoons
Socialize Secret Mother Tongue Urdu
Family Values Traditional    
Najii's Cultural Background

Birth Country Pakistan Grewup in Pakistan
Personal Values Traditional    
Origin Pakistan
Languages Urdu
Najii's Life Style

Drinker None Vegetarian Yes
Smoker Light    
About Najii and His Life Partner

I m loving person .. does'''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''''''t matter face beauty impress with inner beauty...
About Najii and His Family

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Najii Looking Bride for Shadi

Marital Status Any Aged 18 to 35 years
Origin Other Children Dont Mind
Religion Muslim / Islam Build Average
Smoker None Country Any
Disabilities No Within Distance Any Miles
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